Why you should have a personal website for your personal branding?

Why you should have a personal website for your personal branding?

“In the January 2020 survey we received responses from 1,295,973,827 sites across 249,618,033 unique domain names and 9,576,845 web-facing computers. This reflects a gain of 27.7 million sites, 5.86 million domains, and 146,000 computers”- A report by Net craft & counting every day.

So, having a personal website gives professionalism to your online presence. A website is a showcase of your education, experience & works. You know every successful leader, entrepreneurs, and freelancer build up their brand value through a website. Even successful corporate leaders are also trying to build their reputation by leveraging a personal brand to elevate their careers and attract better business opportunities. So,   if you are going to have a personal brand you will need a personal website in order to create your Personal Hub.

In the present world, 89% of people search on Google if they have any problem or someone they want to meet. I am sure you are also one of them. Just think from your side that, when you search on for something or someone- what happened for the first few results. I am sure it took split a second for the first impression & do a long-lasting effect on you for that result. So, if someone finds you on the search result, that also happens to them & they have the best impression on your reputation. A personal website is a great opportunity to keep control of your information and to make an outstanding impression.

As a personal website reflects yourself, your domain should carry your name. Suppose, you are a businessman & you have a business website for your business. Do you need a personal website too?

The reply is yes. Cause it allows you to generate traffic to your business website & vice versa. Always keep in mind that people trust people more than business. Hence, they will always try to understand who you are; whether it is a recruiter, a partner, a client, maybe a friend, or even a date.

You know a personal portfolio is an independent & perfect place to host your most valuable and up-to-date information. This is the place where you can display press coverage, interviews, articles, videos, achievements, and testimonials, etc. all in one place.

A website of yours increases your visibility, establishes authority & provides strong competitive advantages. If you don’t know how to start, Portfolio Builder can help you out to define your personal brand, your digital strategy, and create a unique and personalized website for a magnetic personal brand.

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